Trucking solutions

Trucking solutions

If you are dealing with a large amount of scrap metal, Atlas is ready to help. Don’t let size get in the way of proper scrap metal disposal. Aluminum is just one popular metal in housing projects, heating and cooling systems and more. The amount of aluminum products Americans throw away every three months could rebuild our entire fleet of commercial airliners. That roughly equals $600 million per year in lost scrap metal revenue. Instead, call Atlas to come out and help your company transport your aluminum, copper, steel and other recyclable metals and convert your scrap into cash.

Roll-off containers and scrap metal collection bits are available for use at job sites, making the disposal process even easier. Our trucks will deliver the container right to your project. You just need to add the scrap metal to fill them. When you are ready, our team of specialists will return to haul away the scrap metal, leaving you with cash in return.

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