Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum Scrap


About 65% of aluminum currently in use in the United States has been through a recycling process. Twenty years ago, it would take 19 aluminum cans to make one pound of recycled aluminum. Changes in the process and conservation efforts have made cans in the last few years from a much thinner sheet of aluminum. Now it would take 29 aluminum cans to make one pound of recycled aluminum.

Throwing away an aluminum can has almost the same effect as pouring half a can of gasoline on the ground – it is wasteful. Using aluminum scrap to create new objects saves on pollution, our landfills and other environmental factors. By recycling, we can reduce greenhouse gasses and cut air pollution by about 95%.

As aluminum scrap buyers, we at Atlas have a commitment to great customer service and a good buying experience. Customers know us for being trustworthy. We are ready to handle all your aluminum-recycling needs in Los Angeles.

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