Machine Shops and Manufacturing

Machine Shops and Manufacturing


Machine shops and manufacturing plants use many metal components on a daily basis. They create the parts for business as we know it, keeping the economy moving. The process of manufacturing leads to large amounts of scrap metal. There was a time when manufacturers would just throw those scraps in a dumpster, but the times are changing and the benefits of recycling scrap metal are making a huge impact on our world.

Metals are in high demand right now due to consumers who are ready to purchase new products. The average household appliance includes approximately 65% recycled steel. Using recycled steel saves over 75% of the energy used to create new steel, reducing greenhouse gasses and the use of other precious natural resources.

Our professional team is standing by to assist you with your scrap metal needs. Set up on-site recycling or we can deliver collection bins to your shop for ease of disposal.

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