Atlas Iron & Metal Co. been a part of the community and provided its services to individuals and businesses in the scrap industry for over 70 years. From start to finish, our team will help you quickly, safely & efficiently dispose of your scrap metals and recycleables. We can also work together to help you customize a solution for large scale commercial and industrial scrap metal needs. From on-site disposal, shearing & baling solutions to trucking and logistics, our professional team is here to help. Don’t hire multiple services to get the job done when you only have to make one phone call. Call and ask about our full list of services, including:

  • Purchasing of your scrap metals (copper, steel, aluminum, etc.), alloys (nickel, carbide, etc.) and other recyclable materials (bottles, e-waste, cans, and more)
  • Demolition services
  • Trucking for roll-off containers, end dumps, flat bed trailers, and import and export containers
  • Off-site baling and shearing
  • Providing scrap metal bins and roll-off containers

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