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Every year, the United States recycles more scrap steel than plastic. The steel industry has been recycling for over 150 years, much longer than plastics, which started the first recycling program in 1972. If you have steel scrap for sale, your search for ‘steel scrap yard near me’ will lead you to Atlas Iron & Metal Co. We pride ourselves on our scrap steel operations and consider this to be our “bread & butter.” As a scrap steel export yard, we offer extremely competitive prices for your scrap steel and iron. Located outside of Los Angeles and easy to access from the highway, we’ve got recycling solutions to help meet all your scrap metal needs.

Our steel scrap business can help you turn used materials into cash. The largest source of raw materials in the steel industry is scrap steel. Melted down it can create new appliances, vehicles, motors and more. Recycling steel saves enough resources to power 18 million homes. By finding a ‘steel yard near me’, you will not only be getting rid of your unwanted scrap metal, you will also help to save the environment and our natural resources.

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