Baling and Shearing Solutions

Baling and Shearing Solutions

Can’t transport scrap to our facility? We offer a wide range of baling and shearing solutions for all size projects. Our equipment travels right to the job site, giving contractors environmentally friendly options for disposal of scrap. By working together, we can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and give your materials a new life.

Processing of scrap materials includes decommissioning, dismantling, lancing, crushing, shredding, shearing and baling. Let our machinery and our team of experts handle all the hard work. Onsite scrap metal management saves your organization time, money and resources, allowing you to get back to the job. In some cases, shearing and baling on-site is not possible. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your waste removal needs.

Onsite baling leads to higher prices for scrap materials. Compression of baled materials allows transportation of more materials in a single load. The more materials transported at one time, the lower the cost.

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