Metal Recycling

A metal scrap yard is a great place to make some extra cash. If you have metal scrap hanging around your home or your work site, search ‘scrap metal yard near me’ to find an expert. Atlas Iron & Metal Co. is one such location to sell scrap metal in Los Angeles.

To determine how much your metal scrap is worth, you must first determine if it is ferrous or nonferrous. A good test for this is to take a magnet and hold it over the metal item. It does not need to be a special magnet – even one from the refrigerator will work. Ferrous metal will stick to the magnet, nonferrous metal will not. Nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum are worth more for scrap metal recycling than ferrous metals such as iron or steel. All metals are important to dispose of properly and should go to a scrap metal recycling center like Atlas in Los Angeles.

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